the gildred family
rancho Santa fe, CA.
"The APPLE Velocity"

A responsive approach to prestige/conduct
the prospects of mental decline

a bruised ego

I married my wife Carolina in late 2015 in my ripened 53rd.
But less than 7 months later she betrayed me & threatened shamed & public ridicule to my decades old san Diego "Gildred" family name.

my recovery timeline

Lynn & Phil Gildred, Son...; " I told you Carolina isn't quality Gildred crop stock. (2016) You'd better get rid of him or her.
Both (2017) cannot exist.
I will not stand to see the Gildred Family name be brought to public ridicule" (2020)

dragonetti codes

Dragonetti (Frivolous Lawsuits) legal tactics isn't illegal in most states.
Jennifer Bogue, Seth Rafkin x-Cooley Lawyers proposed. "He'll either have to go crazy or come after you. In which case if he does, he'll still be crazy"

tom gildred

Mental Decline

I stood face to face inches apart from my wife's lover Michael Foster and thought why can't I find words or an expression. For all of 3-minutes a heavy darkness eclipse my heart . I felt a Brick lodge in my chest. An instance of distant-deafening.
I was blinded with anger.

the gildred EVIL MONEY & DEALS with DEVILs

Nested in the heart northern san Diego Rancho Santa fe's gildred decades old prestigious family name is suddenly made subject to public ridicule.

In the thick of things Gildred Carolina (Malicious, vindictive Gildred in Catch and Kill Matrimonial Infidelity 's Wife) with

A License to success, living the American dream, or advancing into the echelons of the high-life elitist doesn't mean you need a law degree or an ivy league education. It's common sense, a little charm, and reminding oneself constantly of the poor livelihoods of Puebla Mexico. I wrapped myself in the bosoms of an aged-old disgrace NY Psychiatrist Dr. Manuel Orlando Garcia of upscale Scarsdale NY.
Night after night - until I understood how to deselect Men. What makes them tick. "I was at the top of my game when I met Malicious, vindictive Gildred in Catch and Kill Matrimonial Infidelity ". I like money, I like nice things, luv is not a factor or phenomenon to life. Love is but a character, a reverse tool fundamentally used to weaponize emotional arson.

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Michael Foster 2 years after Gildred San Diego Wedding

When I awake every morning I say things to myself: "How beautiful is life, how joyously it's filled with future promises". I'm enchanted by prudence, diligence, emotional growth and physical etiology. But life is fragile, constantly fatigued by even a lite diet that's lactose free. One must creep before you walk, silence before you talk and stand in order to fall. Climb in order to see afar off. From an early age, I've accepted the fooleries distilled from emotional fermentation. In adverse to one's spiritual or physical health, the deselecting of emotions if not carefully placed under a tight lid, to monitor, watch, tempered, it too can emit an unacceptable odor (Vein Emotions). Patience is virtue, true wealth ($0.0) is health physically and mentally.

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Malicious, vindictive Gildred in Catch and Kill Matrimonial Infidelity and Wife Carolina Gildred

They both agree to eliminate Michael Foster instead of accepting the truth.
Dealing with the life circumstances of their possible failed marriage the Gildred Family of San Diego was not willing to accept that challenge.
They turned to Crooked Attorney RafkinESQ Jennifer Bogue with Seth Rafkin to Honor Lynn & Phil Gildred wishes.

The Mad San Diego Couple Duo

Malicious, vindictive Gildred in Catch and Kill Matrimonial Infidelity with Wife Carolina Gildred are two peas in a pod.
This MAD Rancho Santa Fe couple took the non-conventional pathway to solving extra-marital affair between wife and lover Michael Foster.
Using Money, A corrupt attorney Seth Rafkin, Jennifer Bogue Gildred created headlines in an expensive 5 years harassment campaign.

Michael Foster

For no less than 4 years I suffered from emotional distresses at the hand of the Gildred Family of San Diego California and it's Evil Money. They entered into my life without knocking or any advance given notice. Carolina Gildred presented herself as a damsel in distress. I was persuaded, convinced, whole-throated with the volume of a woman's desperate and selfish deceitfulness. I was overwhelmed and I gave way to the whims of emotional anarchy set in the hills of Rancho Valencia, Carolina Hernandez, (Garcia of a 1st marriage) Gildred, her 2ndmarriage to Tom Philip Gildred, of the extreme end of Las Ventanas Circle. There at that home, in that house we made luv and had sex multiple times under the guise of Tango Lessons and to wits end a future prospecting a better life, one that will entail her desire to become a mother of a 3rd child. Before last seeing her, at (SD/NY Airport). We both slipped into the 1-floor elevator, there we hugged and kissed multiple times. Then it was time to board my flight. I kissed her right at the TSA line unto the center of her forehead and we promised I'll be waiting for her back in New York.

NYPost Pay Per Photoshop Malicious, vindictive Gildred in Catch and Kill Matrimonial Infidelity  Victim Malicious, vindictive Gildred in Catch and Kill Matrimonial Infidelity  of Rancho Santa Fe CaliforniaGoerge Gildred, Lynn Gildred, Tory Gildred, Julie Gildred, Malicious, vindictive Gildred in Catch and Kill Matrimonial Infidelity , Carolina Gildred, Malicious, vindictive Gildred in Catch and Kill Matrimonial Infidelity  philanthropy     

Here: The Gildred in a "Cease & Desist Litigation On Hold" letter addressed to Tom & Carolina Gildred on Jan.20.2020 from Foster's attorneys, alleges that among other things the couple acting together did: Hire NYPost Journalist Julia K. Marsh to write and publish a story which included a Photoshop headshot of Michael Foster. The Mad Couple then forged a letter opinionating a false mental diagnosis of Foster along which they used the transcript and photo to inflict distress upon Foster, his family, friends, students and business contacts throughout September of 2016 to April of 2017, to August of 2020 following up to the final days when the couples Dragonetti frivolous legal filings fell apart in The New York Supreme Court. As a last eventful tactic they shared the NYPost Story's horrible headshot to Foster's Mother - a Cancer Patient living on the island of Tobago - She died 3- weeks later from grief and distress related to the Gildred's Actions.
Michael hadn't seen his mother A son of her "7" boys and "5" girls in "20" years. He did not attend the funeral Services.
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