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STAND UP FOR SOMETHING or fall for anything.The three faces of Tom Thompson philip Gildred vs Carolina Gildred vs Michael Foster seeks $250,000.00
It's very difficult to prove something did not happen...more here>>>

An attorney without the Facts bears down on the word To the Law.

The result is Abuse of legal practice a conversion of mass harassments . When the facts are not on your side - You use the Law Tables to manipulate the system to whatever level of abusive strategy it takes

Michael Foster Online

Is a Dance Instructor and Professional Dancer in the business of dance entrepreneurship

A man, an individual and a person

An international Network Business Conversion Engineer since 1992. A Business Conversion specialist Directing and Connecting Business Professionals and individuals in various economies.

The Final Straw

When hateful presuppositions takes eminence there is that derivative likely to accumulate some cause. Some cause to cease and call it off. When that relentless pursuit is clear that its not worth it after all - is when that pursuit is stop inadvertently with the TRUTH and there would be now a cost attached.

A Respectable Gentleman

With High Moral Standards

Not the person to disrupt the honest upkeep of genuine families. Michael Foster conducted a personal relationship with Mss. Carolina Gildred in what was (is) considered to have been an extra-Marital Sexual affair, which to his belief included the honest emotional and heartfelt exchanged between himself and Mss. Carolina Gildred. That relationship have come to an end. It have come to an end because over the course of a few months leading up to and after September 2016.

Mr. and Mss. Gildred developed a plan

A Plan of Constructive IIED and Defamation

To which ends, by means to protect the Gildred Family Name, Its businesses and Mr. Tom Gildred's self-concluded "Famed Name" which he is currently attempting to trademark.

Mr. Tom Gildred Thinks of himself a "SERVICE"

He thinks he's a "van Gogh" so his name needs to be trademarked.

Manuel Orlando Garcia MD

A botch psychiatric crook who's disgrace includes sexual predatory acts upon a psychiatric patient at his home and his office some how kept his license after both a fine and 5 years probation. Was Carolina Gildred that patient?

Why Tory Gildred Doesn't believe Tom is right

Tory Gildred often cautioned against going the wrong way

Not a good idea to Marry Ms Hernandez and not a good idea to pursue an x-lover. Suck it up! It would pass.

Carolina Gildred and Michael Foster formed DWM.dance Online

Free an effort to reach out to all kids. The kids of our heart, the kids in our hearts and the kids who were lost in the hearts of so many who've became adults too soon.Online Split to pieces by greed, fear and agony of paranoia.

PAY-Per News Report Pages

To bolster an idealist approach to conceive a news pay-per report across east cost to west cost

In an effort to bilk the invincible rhetoric of inconceivability in strife, fear, self incrimination and borderline sure-some fall of virtue. To disrupt with intent one man's integrity vs. another man's soul of shame, disgust and embarrassment. For a price ill-conceived better or more valuable than time when time needs no pay-per report, false police reports or some malpracticing disgrace x-husbands psychiatric ill-favored report.

Why Emerald Textiles Websites Truce or Dare

The instant EmeraldTextiles.info was form was to established prudence of virtue. A man felt threatened by another man and God Know what to expect from a man who feels betrayed, cheated and have money at his disposal. The only thing that's left it to take the war-head to him or face the inevitability of nonentity.
No man of prudence wants to be shot behind the back. He'd prefer gun blasts face in to face. Chances are. He could missed. Tom Gildred have missed right on. Now we all can perhaps live freely.

Why TomGildred.info websites Truce or Dare

More dare than truce. Key word "info" is fist weapon of defense on any man with an un-determinable character. I've met the man. A man that chows on his gums is never worth waiting to see him toothless. Know your enemy by his every data footprint. and so he clicks like a maniac.

Why did Carolina Gildred registered many other web urls to Michael Foster's name

To stay one step ahead in her hopes to keep him hooked on disbelief so much that he could have committed suicide. She won't give a dam.