In the stark probable end to Tom Gildred and Carolina Gildred's relentless malicious vindictive harassment and reverse IIED-Defamation campaign, FMT Consultants Chairman Philip Gildred attempts to use frivolous Supreme Court filings to order illegal "Take Downs of 25+ domains. One of these domain is owned by Mic Fos "M.C.S.I. Security". Metro Commute Security International is A United States Trademark & Patent Pending Information technology Software APP. helps encrypt Video & Voice communications to avoid truncation, sinkholes, SMS sandboxes, scans, honeypots of ISPs & VoiP. The Gildred v Foster charismatic frivolous filings almost made it off at long distance from Del Mar San Diego to New York Supreme Court under the guise of a matrimonial Catch & Kill infidelity reversed IIED/Defamation indignation in New York State Supreme Court. But Judge Louis L. Nock on ruling it out as a FOWL play. Mr. Philip Gildred summed up an ultimate satisfaction in Gildred v Foster 153554/2017 by applying signatures to court docs with clear knowledge it will be used fraudulently. The Fraud Doc was COINED with over accelerated speed. Gildred attorneys Seth Rafkin, Jennifer McGuire Bogue did not request deletion or revision in hopes details of the Fraud Doc may slip by without Supreme Court Judge Louis Nock's notice. A DECISION ORDER & RULING is PENDING!