That All Depends: In regards to Plaintiff and I having Sex Multiple Times in San Diego, Del Mar, La Jolla or at 24(redacted) dr. Ocean Beach. That is a private question possibly better addressed San Diego CA. sexual Partner Law. Or Relationship laws of CA. Again it All Depends: In regards to Plaintiff and I having had Sex This Fact is undisputable. If Plaintiff want to deny this fact then take a photo of her Vagina and I would be happy to ID the specific Corners of insertion and or penetration.
Questions over and over about SEX the answer is yes - Though none of yours or truly anyone's business - It is not my practice to generally Brag about having sex. Especially because when a woman have sex it is base on Emotions - as you know when us guys have SEX it is mostly based on LOCATION, LOCATION LOCATION. I can also have a professional Sketch artist draw the exact contours of a 15Degree clitoral high-rise. If permitted by the court I could also provide a slant description or Photo of the after mark left by a strand pubic strand or hair. Caused me a lot of after pain...Tom? She over did it - I mean she was out for 3-days - but that still doesn't beat the allege gurgle pilling after-midnight sex tantrums leaving her with bruises on her knees and angles. Maybe it was a Philip Gildred visiting 6876 Las Ventanas Ghost leaving the black and blue in the back of her ankles and above her knees. You might know Mr. Rafkin - that is a question for IIED - any one can say anything about sex. Carolina can testify my memories are very, very accurate and I am not shy about finding the words to describe but you could take us a lie detector test or get those vaginal pictures. Seth Rafkin Lawyer with Humor attorney