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Dance teacher tried to blackmail Tom Gildred Settles Score with Wife's allege adultery me for money: suit

A Manhattan dance teacher tried to shake down one of his students while lying to her well-off hubby that they had tangoed off the dance floor, a new lawsuit says.The hubby Tom Gildred 69, wants the lawsuit to GAG allege lover dancer as he is Black Boy in the White world of the Gildred's Of San Diego who's family name claims to famed father Philip Theodore Gildred (San Diego Fox Theatre Owner) wife and mother Lynn Philip Gildred who's last son Tom Philip Gildred the 3rd stands to inherit a family fortune of near 400 million.

Carolina Hernandez (Garcia) Gildred 2nd marriage of 1st to Doctor of Psychology age 80 Dr. JAVIER Orlando Garcia Senior says in her Manhattan Supreme Court suit that she met tango teacher Michael Foster in New York in 2015 at competitions. LIAR - she's related with him on and off since 2001.

After Gildred, 45, relocated to San Diego with her family last year, Foster, 39, “persuaded LIAR [her] to have him travel to California to provide dance lessons to [her] and a group of friends,” the suit says. FACT: Turns out the 2 friends Dr. Lindsey Morin and Diana Acevedo were only drafted into a special program last minute and weren't in any way reasons for the trip.

Then he “began to push All carefully choreograph words courtesy Seth Rafkin Big Time Partner Attorney who's known to be good friends of CEO Emerald Textiles San Diego's Entrepreneur of the Year winner Tom Gildred [Gildred] to open a tango studio in California, that he would be her partner in the studio and that [her] husband could put up the money,” convenient well structured lies according to court papers.Carolina's own desires were supposedly in support of Tom Gildred and her in-feel was that she'd no longer wanted to live under the shadows of another mans wealth or success such as a previous marriage and she sort HER OWN IDEA to build virtual dance studios and open a foundation called DWM.DANCE or Dance With Me DWM.Foundation. Inevitably; the Tom was not in support as his lifestyle was in FACT interrupted as a BROOKLYN MANn was all the ways up inside of his house. Couldn't settle for MANA-A-MANA, instead sort to seek a Law suit as the ULTIMATE HARASSMENT TOOL.

When Gildred shot down the idea, Foster “came unhinged” PARTNER  attorney SETH RAFKIN is not an attorney but a professional Mental Therapist ultimate DEFAMATION of CHARACTER STATEMENT  in September 2016, the suit says.

He emailed NO EMAILS stating such as it kind of was still none of his business her husband, Tom Gildred, falsely stating that they were “making love to each other” and “yes, having sex,” the suit says.In the TOM Gildred's MIND which is a thing in learning to carefully acquire IT was Always FACT of matter that a T-Gildred Wife must be un-Faithful. It is up to the court over the preponderance of probabilities to determine if and when ever wife and dance instructor may have had SEX over timelines consistent with the carefully choreograph Seth Disgrace Rafkin's Law Suit. 

Meanwhile, the dancer barraged Gildred with multiple unwelcoming text which inadvertently weren't consistent with the Gildred's hopes of a statement criminal or criminally threatening to support false police reports by the Gildreds over the many months. The Gildred's even tried to make the dancer believe that she needed him to save her from something in hopes he would travel to their homes in San Diego. Non-of which happened in any texts and phone calls and even his lone MANO-A-MANO message to gildred's office contacted the marketing department of her husband’s laundry business, Emerald Textiles, according to court papers.

An Oct. 24, 2016, email to the marketing team called Tom Gildred (in Mana-aMano not a pedophile that would be libelous) a “board-line pedophile” and his spouse (in her own words) a “trophy wife” who would be the subject of a “murder-suicide,” As NYPD's 5TH Precinct "BARANELLI" who's "3" levels higher than his detectives Oliver & Christoper the suit says. That dancer should not be concern with the Gildred's even if he were to take her head off...But dancer insist that its his CIVIC duty to hold to what he believes is right in his honor as an allege x-lover and especially as a dance partner as in his belief a "Dance PartnerShip" is more important, closer and deeper than a Marriage Relationship.

Later that month, Foster threatened to publish defamatory Web sites safely Disgrace Seth Rafkin's attorney careful Criminal derogatory formal alignment of his personal TORTS which in his and pal Tom Gildred's mind MUST BE FACTs in the couple’s names if they didn’t pay him $10,000, SETH RAFKIN's own professional preponderance of the FACTS as in it NO ONE CARES especially if You're a Lawyer and TOM GILDRED can afford to pay of defendants attorneys and the NEW YORK POST court writer Julia MARSH the suit says.

They refused, and he created the sites, which (BASICALLY LABELED THE FACTS OF THE CASE AND THE FACT THAT IT IS A FRIVOLOUS LAW SUIT) call Carolina Gildred “a seducer of the rich” and a “despiser of the poor,” HOW STUPID IS SETH RAFKIN - to defame a name is to say suducer of the rich and despiser of the poor??? IDIOT SETH with MANIAC TOM GILDED - because; in all capitalist metropolis economies the medium for success is to despise the poor and favorable seduce the RICH. if you don't you'll give all your money to CHARITIES the suit says.

The alleged harassment DOMESTIC HARASSMENT but not criminal stalking - STILL TOM GILDRED IS hoping that there is another way out of the defaced black-male Marriage continued this year with Foster leaving (Hey if the guy is an IDIOT - why not take the plaque to his doorstep? as he is not interested in the simplicity of MANO-A-MANO) a message at Tom Gildred’s company. After-all in a message from wife TOM is heard promising to APOLOGIZE to dancer is now hoping that apology will come in a speedy trial and the courts will award proper financial compensation the the eternal defame upon dancer's career and life.

“In his voicemail, Foster states that when [Carolina Gildred’s] husband ‘kisses the lips of a Mrs. Gildred (if such allege statement is true? THAT's A COMPLIMENT - not defamation also to Disgrace attorney SETH) he’ll pretty much be sucking my big black d–k,” the suit says.FYI: turns out it very, relatively normal size. SETH? I have NO PROBLEMS with the sized of my few inches of hands.

The (LEGAL-CRIMINAL) threats continued to escalate, with Foster warning in March that he plans to visit (To VISIT?? Really?) the Gildreds and their children (Then why the lawsuit? Why not wait a little longer for that CRIMINAL visit then the dancer would become unHinged as the San Diego Police would have arrested him per se' at their California home and saying, “I’m coming at you,” according to court papers.

The suit says the Gildreds have filed police reports against Foster in both New York and California. OFF WHICH REPORTS ARE BEING are all LIES and ARE BOGUS FALSE DEFAMATORY reports which they are both admitting along with Disgrace Seth Rafkin.

Their attorney ( and their hero SETH IDIOT RAFKIN disgrace attorney) did not immediately return messages seeking comment. Foster also did not return messages.

Carolina Gildred is suing Foster for $250,000. simply because that's the closest number expletives suitable enough to describe CEO TOM Philip GILDRED as A BASTARD #METROPOLITAN PUNK BULLY. The dancer's offer still stands; Mano-A-Mano, Tom Gildred. mano-a-mano bro - because BROOKLYN HAVE INDEED BEEN IN THE HOUSE OF 6798 LAS VENTANAS RANCHO SANTE FE at the LOVELY Plush FAIRBANKS RANCH. It's been good while it last. it was both splendiferous and magical even disney-like something you could have only hope for in an experience worth marrying for in all its good keeping. But that's your lost buddy. No pun intended.

In addition to the laundry business, FMT Consultants, Gildred Companies, half of colorado, half of san diego the san diego fox theaters, hands in every make shif-barter deal from the san diego museum to many, many philantropic organizations also not to forget la prarie spa's NYC and the Carolina Hernandez Gildred her husband founded the software consulting firm FMT Consultants, according to his Web site.

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